Dedicated to raising awareness and support for our Veterans.



Miles for Heroes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising support and awareness for Veterans of the United States Military, and helping those who continue to battle the effects of combat here at home. Based out of Northeast Nebraska, M4H focuses on helping individuals combat PTSD by promoting and discovering a passion within outdoor activities.  We were founded with the simple belief of giving back to those who have given so much to our country. 


When they come home, we give back.



After serving together in Southern Helmand Province Afghanistan in 2010 with 3rd Battalion 1st Marines, two Nebraskans, Josh Marreel and Curtis Thomas, decided they wanted to honor their brothers who weren’t as fortunate. This group includes those who came back missing limbs, those who battle psychological demons, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Seeing Texas country music singer Grainger Smith walk 100 miles year after year in combat boots to support the Boot Campaign and raise awareness for Veterans, Marreel and Thomas decided to create their own event.  Over Memorial Day Weekend in 2013, the two led a team of Veterans and Patriots on a 3-day, 100 mile walk from central to northeast Nebraska, and Miles For Heroes was born.

 Knowing more could be done, Thomas and Marreel talked others into joining them the next year in a 5-day, 464 mile relay carrying the American flag across the state of Nebraska. This first relay across the state was completed in memory of Donald Schwab, a Medal of Honor recipient from Marreel’s hometown of Hooper, NE.  The desire to continue showing the true meaning of Memorial Day has led Miles for Heroes to continue the tradition since.

2013: 100 mile walk

2014: 464 mile run in memory of Donald Schwab

2015: 464 mile run Nebraska

2016: run from North Platte to Scribner

2017: Freedom Fest

2018: Freedom Fest II